Multi-Faith Week

Throughout Multi-faith Week, Year 2 have been learning about Sikhism. We visited a Gurdwara, designed a Gurdwara and even had a speaker teach us even more about Sikhism.

Grouping Materials

Liquids can be frozen but they can melt too -Cieran
Here is plastic and paper – Jada
These materials can be bent and squashed – Haider
These materials cannot be stretched but they can be squashed – Jihad


The lockers are metal.
The railing is metal too.
This pot feels cold and hard.
This bottle is glass but the bookcase is wooden.



Laudato Si’

Thank you to Sis Eleanor who came in and taught us about Pope Francis’s letter, asking us all to protect the earth.

We thought about actions which help the Earth and actions which harm the Earth.
Thank you for playing for us too, Sis Eleanor.
We are praying that God will help us to please Him in all that we say and do.


Take a look at this fabulous animation.