Our Trip to the Roman Village; Lectocetum!

Today, years 3 and 4 went on a trip to a Roman village which used to be called Lectocetum but is now known as Wall. We had lots of fun exploring the ruins of a Roman Baths and a Mansio (hotel), looking at artefacts in the museum, training to be gladiators and walking the Roman Walk which ended with a fantastic view of Lichfield and the countryside.     

Recycled Robots!

Yesterday and today year 4 designed and made robots out of recycled materials. All of the children had to think of a positive purpose their robot could fulfil in our world. Some ideas included; a robot that sorts rubbish, a robot that saves sea creatures, a robot that saves people when they are in danger and a robot that helps people when they are sad or sick. The children worked really hard and the results are fantastic! 

The Water Cycle.

Last term in Science, we learnt all about states of matter and the water cycle. The children made mini water cycles using cress plants in plastic cups covered in cling film. We were then able to see condensation and evaporation happening inside the cups! The class also worked together to create an amazing classroom display depicting the water cycle diagram. Finally, we carried out a melting investigation to discover how quickly or slowly different materials melt. The children worked extremely hard and produced fantastic work!                          

Advent and Christmas

At the beginning of December, our class R.E. monitors; Tysharni and Maya, worked hard to create an Advent classroom display with an Advent wreath and information other class members had researched during our computing lessons. This helped us to learn more about Advent time and the ways in which we prepare for Christmas. The children also created Christmas cards to take home for their loved ones! We all thoroughly enjoyed our December preparations and celebrations!


Black History Week!

For Black History Week, year 4 studied the life and work of Malcolm X and together we created a class poem which the children are performing in the video above. We also learnt lots of factual information about slavery and the children created booklets explaining what slavery was and how it ended. The children all thoroughly enjoyed this week and they worked really hard!


Lovely Levers!

On Friday, 19th October year 4 learnt about levers and how they are used to lift heavy things! Then in groups they had a go at making balance scales which are examples of first class levers! They used building materials called K’NEX to do this and whilst it was challenging at times, they all achieved wonderful results and we cannot wait to make something else soon!!