Helping Refugees!

Last term, the children took part in a project to design and make welcome bags for refugees and asylum seekers who are new to the country. Once they had decorated the bags, the children filled them with lovely things they had donated themselves that would make somebody feel welcome in England and help them to settle in. The children did such a wonderful job and we were able to donate the bags to St Chad’s Sanctuary, a local charity that helps people seeking asylum.


Being Faith-Filled and Caring about Others.

Today, year 4 have had a wonderful faith-filled morning with a visit from Malachi, a seminarian (he is training to become a priest). The children were very respectful and attentive when listening to Malachi speak and they showed great interest in his life and work!  They asked lots of thoughtful questions and learnt a lot about priesthood and the Catholic faith. The children also carried out a class prayer service all about refugees around the world. The children had prepared this themselves! They had written prayers to say aloud, had chosen a song to sing and had incorporated ways for all members of the class to actively take part in this group worship. Whilst some of the children organised and led the service, others were able to participate by sharing their thoughts about what they would miss if, like refugees, they too had to leave their homes and move to a new country. It was an inspirational, spiritual and peaceful prayer service and it was lovely to be able to share it with our visitor! All of the children should be very proud of themselves.

Design Company Project

This half term, the children in year 4 will complete a design company project in which they will develop core skills in leadership, creativity and team work. In small groups, they will be creating companies with their own logos and brand identities. Then they will work together to produce welcome bags for refugee children which will be given to a local charity for refugees at the end of the project. The first activity involved developing the children’s ability to work as a team through a fun team building game which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Holy Week – Easter Gardens

This Holy Week, the children in year 4 have been making Easter Gardens in preparation for Easter Sunday. The gardens show the scene of Jesus’ resurrection with his empty tomb and the flowers symbolise  new  life.  The children thoroughly enjoyed creating these beautiful representations of the Easter Story.


World Book Day!

Today, the children had lots of fun listening to different teachers read books of different genres. The children then made hats that represented their favourite book. Finally, the children created a performance (including poetry, drama and music) based on a non-fiction book about rain-forests, which they will perform tomorrow in assembly. 

Multi Faith Week Exhibition

Multi faith week was a fantastic way for the children to embrace faiths within the school and the world as a whole. This afternoon, pupils enjoyed sharing what they had learnt and the work they had created during the week. Each class also had to create a model of the place of worship we visited. All of the children enjoyed multi faith week and the final exhibition was a great way to celebrate their efforts.