Holy Week – Easter Gardens

This Holy Week, the children in year 4 have been making Easter Gardens in preparation for Easter Sunday. The gardens show the scene of Jesus’ resurrection with his empty tomb and the flowers symbolise  new  life.  The children thoroughly enjoyed creating these beautiful representations of the Easter Story.


World Book Day!

Today, the children had lots of fun listening to different teachers read books of different genres. The children then made hats that represented their favourite book. Finally, the children created a performance (including poetry, drama and music) based on a non-fiction book about rain-forests, which they will perform tomorrow in assembly. 

Multi Faith Week Exhibition

Multi faith week was a fantastic way for the children to embrace faiths within the school and the world as a whole. This afternoon, pupils enjoyed sharing what they had learnt and the work they had created during the week. Each class also had to create a model of the place of worship we visited. All of the children enjoyed multi faith week and the final exhibition was a great way to celebrate their efforts.


Multi Faith Week – Hamsa Hands.

Yesterday and today, year 4 drew and painted Hamsa Hands. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolising the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Some of our hands are decorated with fish which is a traditional symbol of good luck and some include eyes which represent the eye that sees everything and protects against evil.

Our Trip to the Roman Village; Lectocetum!

Today, years 3 and 4 went on a trip to a Roman village which used to be called Lectocetum but is now known as Wall. We had lots of fun exploring the ruins of a Roman Baths and a Mansio (hotel), looking at artefacts in the museum, training to be gladiators and walking the Roman Walk which ended with a fantastic view of Lichfield and the countryside.     

Recycled Robots!

Yesterday and today year 4 designed and made robots out of recycled materials. All of the children had to think of a positive purpose their robot could fulfil in our world. Some ideas included; a robot that sorts rubbish, a robot that saves sea creatures, a robot that saves people when they are in danger and a robot that helps people when they are sad or sick. The children worked really hard and the results are fantastic!