Friday 5th March 2021

 It’s Friday !

One more school day !

We will all be back on Monday 8th March.

We are all looking forward to seeing you again.

Our first week back will be  fun with lots of stories  and time to talk and play.

It is a shorter blog today.  Please enjoy your last day at home.

Remember to follow the Lent blog here.

(Below is from yesterday in case you missed it)


Phase 5 ue blue


Maths games

Refresh your reading numbers skills . Click on the image below. ( The link is also below.)

Match numbers to twenty  with a new game :

Click on the image below. Try level 5.

Multi-faith week

Find out more about Hinduism . Click on the image below.


Afternoon activities


Click on the image below and follow lesson 3.


Many of you have requested drawing videos. Here is one by the wonderful Rob Biddulph.


Remember to use EPIC and Numbots to keep your learning skills sharp !

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you all on Monday. Yay !

Take care and stay safe.

Year 1 team.


Thursday 4th March 2021

Today is very special !

Today is World Book Day !

Today is about celebrating and enjoying books !

We have read over 600 books Year 1 – you are reading superstars !

Listen to Mrs Bell’s special assembly below.


No lessons on the blog today.

Start by putting on your  pyjamas !

Click below and read some stories of your choice.


You can also read books on EPIC.

Next explore the World Book Day site below:




Make a bookmark …


Listen out for your characters and names in the stories told by Steve Smallman.

These videos are especially for our school !


Lola  and Arashkai – did you see your ideas ?

Why not take a look at the ideas from the rest of the school. What an imaginative school we are !

Some more fantastic ideas below …


Time to get creative

If you have a potato or an apple why not try  to make  your favourite character.

You might need a grown up to help you.

You can use what you can find in your home. Have a go at telling your own potato story.

Here are some examples below.


Watch the video below for more ideas…


IAnother super video but the link will have to be pasted into your browser:  )

Why not get the grown ups involved !

Share your reading fun with us. Take a photo of your potato character and of you reading your book, wearing your pyjamas, in a funny or unusual place of your home.

Send your photos in to Mrs Bell, so that we can share your fun on our school website.

Have fun everyone!

We hope that you have a wonderful day of reading and enjoying books.

Year 1 team

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Good morning Year 1 Nursery Home Learning 18.05.20 | Broad Heath Primary School

We are half way though the week!

Have you seen out countdown to Monday on our school website?

Check out our school Lenten blog here.



Phase 5 ie sound


Phonics Bloom Logo

Click on the link below and practice your phonics using a phase 4 or a phase 5 game.

Reading – Comprehension




Multi-Faith Week

Key aspects of the Hindu faith

Click on the image below to find out more.



Practice your mental maths . Watch the video below before you play.

Remember to play Numbots too !


Have a lovely afternoon.

The year 1 team.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Good Morning Year 1 Tuesday GIFs | Tenor

Four more days online. We can do this! Keep going everybody!



Phase 5 ir sound

Can you spot the ir words in our story today?




Road Trip Girl GIF by Super Simple - Find & Share on GIPHY 

Click on the link above to access our reading for this week. Please let us know if you would like to see anything in particular.

Our class code : nlx6712




Multi Faith Week -Hinduism 

Here is the Hindu creation story.

Story Time 


Hope you have all had a lovely Tuesday!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Year 1 Team


Maths answers:






Monday 1st March 2021


Good Morning Year 1  Good morning Graphic Animated Gif - Picgifs good morning 1392636 | Good morning animation, Happy friendship day, Winnie the pooh friends

Well done to you all. You have been fantastic over the last few weeks. Here we go with the last week until we start back at school on Monday!


Please don’t forget to look at our whole school approach to lent. Click on this link which will take you to the school blog.



There will be no handwriting today as I would like you to focus on our phonics lesson.


Start by writing the date into your red books.

Phase 5 Review Lesson 

Can you put these following words into your own sentences.

play                     enjoy                    joy                     crayon     



What is Phonics?

Here are the login details for phonics play.

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home



Epic Reading

Road Trip Girl GIF by Super Simple - Find & Share on GIPHY 

Click on the link above to access our reading for this week. Please let us know if you would like to see anything in particular.

Our class code : nlx6712



Multi Faith Week – Hinduism 

In year 1 this week we are going to be learning about and celebrating the faith of Hinduism. Watch this short clip below to find out more!


Can you tell me three new things you have learnt about the Hindu faith? 





Story Time


Thank you all for a wonderful day of learning!

We are looking forward to catching up with you during our telephone calls this week.

See you very soon,

The Year 1 Team See Ya Goodbye GIF by Nick - Find & Share on GIPHY


Maths answers:


Friday 26th February

 Hello Year 1 !

 Let’s start with a prayer


It’s Friday . Only six more school days till we are back in class !

Let’s continue with some music – you will need to listen carefully. I know you can do this lesson because we have done similar things in class . Enjoy !

( Please don’t skip this lesson – music helps children develop in many  important ways and it’s fun.)

Click here  or  on the image below.



Write the name neatly in your book. Form your letters correctly please.

Here are your last letters and words for the week….keep going!



Phase 5 – ea sound




Watch the video and complete the activity below.


Did you think about your favourite animal ?

Today we will write an acrostic poem about our favourite animals.

An acrostic poem is a where the first letter of each line spells a word. Click here

for an example.

Here are some more animal acrostic poems to give you an idea :

Now have a go at writing your own . Use the ideas below or your favourite animal.


Please click on the image below and follow lesson 2. You will need your book and a pencil.



Exciting news !

Next week is multi-faith week . Each year group will learn about a different religion.

Also,it is  World Book Day on Thursday 4th March and author, Steve Smallman,  will be making some videos for our school.

Listen to a story by Steve Smallman.


Have a lovely weekend .

Stay safe and happy .

Year 1 team.




Maths answers:




World Book Day

Exciting news !

Author Steve Smallman will be working  with our school next week.

He needs your ideas !

Can you think about a potato character.  ( Imagine a potato came to life )

What do they look like ? What are they like ? How do they talk ? What do they like doing ? Who are their friends/family  ? What are they scared of ? What do they love? Do they like to wear hats/ glasses / scarves ? etc

Email your ideas to Ms Bell TODAY please. Remember to include your name and class.

Good Luck !

Thursday 25th February 2021

Good Morning !

Only seven more school days till we are back in class together !

Is there anything special that you would like to do when you return to school ?

Leave a comment and let us know.

Let ‘s start with our morning prayer.

Remember to follow the school Lent  blog here.




Write the date neatly in your book .

Watch the video and complete the activity below.


Phonics -oy sound



oy grapheme :      Troy , royal , ……., ………,  ………

oi grapheme :   spoil, noise, ……..,……. , ………..

(Answers at end of blog)


Watch the video and complete the activity below.

You will  learn a new strategy today – counting  back to 10 first .

(Answers at end of blog- look carefully at the jumps on the number line. Did you count back to 10 first ?)


Theme -Animals

Let’s start with a non-fiction (information) book about pet animals.

Watch this video of me sharing  a book :

If you want to read this yourself later , click here .

The user name is  stvincentrec.

The password is reading.

Read and Think
  • What animal would you like as a pet ?
  • Complete the sentence :

I would like a ………………………… because ……………………………………………………………. .

  • Can you list two pros and cons of having this animal as a pet ? See below for example.


Now let’s listen to a lovely story about pets .

Have a think about your favourite animal before tomorrow please. It might be a farm animal, a wild animal , a sea creature or a pet.

Science – The Animal Kingdom

Click on the image below and follow lesson 1. You will need your book and a pencil.


Enjoy the rest of your day !

Take care and see  you soon.

Year 1 team



Phonics answers:

oy grapheme :      Troy ,toy , enjoy, annoy, joy , cowboy,royal

oi grapheme :   Moira,  spoil, boil, noise



Maths answers:
  1.   15-6=9
  2. 13-7 = 6
  3. a)Ron has counted back in ones. Eva counted back to 10 first and used two jumps.







Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good Morning Year 1

Simba God Morning Gif Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

We are very much looking forward to seeing you back in school on the 8th March! Not long to go. Keep up the good work at home. You are doing amazingly!

Let’s start off our morning with a prayer.


Now have a go at these! We can’t wait to see your beautiful handwriting when we are back in school.



Phase 5 ou sound 


Phonics Bloom Logo





Epic Reading

Click on the link below and take a look at some of the new story books we have chosen for you.

We are up to 417 books. Well done!



RE- Lent


Story Time 


We hope you have had a lovely day!

See you very soon,

Year 1 Team Goodbye GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Maths answers:
  1. 8

2a)8         b)7        c)5

3a) 7       b)  7       c) 3

4. 8 toys