German Market

Here we are waiting for the train

This week some of our Reception children had a fantastic experience on a train journey. The children were eager to share their personal journeys and the type of transport they have used. We have talked about how to keep safe on the road and considered other people that were using the public transport. image

We saw Santa with his reindeer


We looked at the colourful Christmas decorations
We looked at the colourful Christmas decorations

We also bought a gift for our siblings

and we bought a gift for our siblings




This week in phonics children took part in various multi-sensory activities that enabled them to learn the  phoneme of the letter S and A. Inside the classroom children have used real life objects that begin with the letter s and have placed the items into the saucepan to make a silly sound. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we can write the grapheme a.

                IMG_3919  IMG_3925 IMG_3926

All About Me

In reception, we have been busy exploring our topic ‘All About Me’. We have enjoyed learning about our bodies and how we can keep them healthy. We also made portraits of ourselves and investigated different things in our classroom using our senses.





We have used our sense of taste to identify salty, sour, sweet and bitter food and we have used our sense of sight to observe changes in fruit.We then grouped the different types of food into healthy and unhealthy categories.