Role Play

Children took on different roles: from firefighters to doctors, police officers to teachers. A range of imaginative activities were set to spark discussion about helpful people in our community.
We are doctors’.
‘ We are firefighters and we put out fire’.
‘ The dentist makes our teeth better’.
‘ Girls can also be builders’.
‘When we grow up we want to be police officers so that we can catch bad people’.
Moms look after their children and that’s a very important job too.’
‘ Dads’ cook nice food’.


Every week we have physical education lessons. During these lessons we are active and interactive so that we can develop good problem solving skills, co-ordination, control and movement.

Billy’s Bucket

Last term we read an imaginative birthday story called ‘ Billy’s Bucket’. We used talk for writing to retell the story ; we wrote party shopping lists ; birthday wish lists; we described the buckets, we labelled sea life creatures and we wrote about the parts of the story that we liked. We then transformed our reading library into an ocean and we made sea in a bottle, party hats and birthday cards. Finally Billy arrived in our classroom and we threw him  a big  birthday party .  It was a blast !

We love phonics

This year the children have worked very heard to read and write simple sentences.


‘ We are finding words that have long oo sound in them’.


‘We found the digraph in the word and then we placed the word into the correct digraph pot.’
‘I am using chalk to write a sentence.’
‘I can identify initial sounds.
‘I can read simple words’
‘ I am making tricky words’.


Snow Science Experiment

We filled a bowl with snow
We filled a bowl with snow


We discussed what would happen to the snow in worm temperatures
We discussed what would happen to the snow once we bring it in the classroom
We watched the snow melt away in our warm hands.
‘look the snow melted because my hands are hot’
Through out the day we observed the snow slowly turning into water and we now know that it is not only the sun that melts the snow but also warm temperatures .