We have been Robbed

Soon after reading stories about “What the Ladybird Heard” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

A selfish robber came to our nursery.


He/She stole……………                                               Cars


Parts of the garage


Pots and pans


Five currant buns


And most of all, one of our favourite story books.  Then shook his/her fist as he left.

Days later we forgot all about the robber and everything was peaceful and quiet until…………

Who’s that coming through the gate.

Oh no it’s the robber.

Don’t run stay and help.


Don’t worry I will help to catch the robber.




Let’s throw balls at the robber.

Don’t you dare come back here again robber.


We made some signs and posters.

Things we like to Learn


Writing with lollipop sticks                                           Labelling number patterns

Exploring Ice

Making playdough food                                         Filling Large and small containers

Making friends and moving to rhymes                Mixing pancakes

Sliding down the pole                                              Balancing

Making large marks                                                  Writing about robbers

Counting and threading

Christmas Family Workshop


Cutting out a snowman to make a card.

Cutting out a snowman to make a card.


Making the snowman's arm.

Making the snowman’s arm.


That's one job done.

That’s one job done.

A lolly pop stick Manger.

A lolly pop stick Manger.


Come on mum let's make a lolly pop stick Reindeer.

Come on mum, let’s make a lolly pop stick Reindeer.

A Santa tree decoration.

A Santa tree decoration.

Mmm! decorating yummy biscuits.

Decorating yummy biscuits.

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