Planting and sowing seeds

Today year 1 worked hard in the garden. They had to clear the bedding area of the weeds using the spade. Then they planted some Sunflower and Jeepers Creepers seeds there. Another group of children filled two tyres with soil and added some young plants. They enjoyed investigating the parts of the plants, especially all of the roots squashed in to the bottom of the pot! Finally, a group of children planted some herb seeds to create a small herb garden. We are hoping to grow chives, basil, coriander and parsley.

Guest Speaker-Someone who has lived in Nechells all their life

Last week, Year 1 were upset and horrified by the amount of rubbish they saw in the area on the way up to church. They have decided that they wanted to clear up all of the rubbish in the park. They have written a letter to a local councillor asking if they can have gloves, bags and litter pickers to clear the rubbish.

We were very lucky to have Mrs Devaney visit us today. She has always lived in Nechells since her family moved over from Ireland, before she was born. She told us all about how they looked after the area and what they did to clear up together.