Hello everybody!

Year 5 have been exploring electricity in Science. We are very grateful at St Vincent’s and understand electricity is a luxury that many villages, towns and cities often have to live without. We decided to make some electricity of our own, by lighting up a light bulb and trying to understand the different variables, which affect the brightness of the light bulb.

Take a look at some of our pictures from the investigation. 🙂






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Young Voices 10/01/2018!


Year five were blessed with the opportunity to attend Young Voices (the world’s largest student-led concert) and it was AWESOME! We had been rehearsing since the very beginning of September.

Below are some pictures, as well as videos of us at the concert.

excited during rehearsals

Year 5, excited during rehearsals.

I'm a Rockstar

Awesome Miss. S being a rock star.


Can you spot our banner?



Year 5, jumping in excitement for the opening of the concert.


Year 5, singing and dancing to ‘We Could Be Heroes’, my personal favourite moment of Young Voices.

Please drop some kind comments. Year 5, what was your favourite part of the concert? Brownie points for anybody who uses parenthesis in their answer. 🙂


In Year 5, we always try to start our Math lessons with a bit of competition  fun. Look at how fast those white boards shot up! Pretty awesome, right?

Team A seems to be in the lead…

Quick Fire Maths: Multiples

We’ve mastered multiples! I put the class on the spot and asked them to give me the multiples of any given number. Here are the results! 😀

Please note: this was not pre-meditated! (Fancy word, huh? Brownie points for anyone who can use it in a sentence in the comments section below)

Quick fire: Multiples

Drop a comment below with any thoughts! Maybe you want to share the multiples of a number? Any fun facts or Maths hacks you learnt?