In Year 5, we always try to start our Math lessons with a bit of competition  fun. Look at how fast those white boards shot up! Pretty awesome, right?

Team A seems to be in the lead…

Quick Fire Maths: Multiples

We’ve mastered multiples! I put the class on the spot and asked them to give me the multiples of any given number. Here are the results! 😀

Please note: this was not pre-meditated! (Fancy word, huh? Brownie points for anyone who can use it in a sentence in the comments section below)

Quick fire: Multiples

Drop a comment below with any thoughts! Maybe you want to share the multiples of a number? Any fun facts or Maths hacks you learnt?

Planning our biographies

We have been learning about Katherine Johnson recently in our literacy and theme lessons. We’ve been so inspired by her incredible work as a mathematician, we’ve started writing some biographies about her.

Here is some of our planning for the biography!


Planning our biographies
Planning our biographies

Year 5, what do you think was the most interesting fact about Katherine? Drop a comment below! (Brownie points if you include a relative clause)