National Poetry Day

It was National Poetry Day on Thursday, we had the chance to learn and perform some wonderful space poetry (which was linked to our theme).

Take a peak and let us know what you think.


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Creative Maths

Little Miss. N made her number using a place value chart and cubes. This really helped us to partition our large numbers and understand the value of each digit.

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Year 5 took part in a bike trail!

Greetings all,

We visited the Tissington bike trail yesterday and it was AWESOME. Everybody had a really fun time! Below are just a couple of pictures from the trip. 🙂 Please share some of your kind thoughts in the comment section below.



PS. Shout out to A.S in Y4, who taught me how to ride a bike 2 weeks ago!

Talk for Writing (Instruction Text)!

Hi all,

Year 5 have undertook some more ‘Talk for Writing’ in class, and this time we have tried to be a little more independent (as quite a few of the pupils in class wanted to do some text-mapping of their own)! We split up into groups of 6, created our own text-maps, and then read them out to the rest of the class.

I am really enjoying our English lessons.

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Talk for Writing

This half-term,  the pupils in Year 5 are expected to produce an explanation text, focusing on the water cycle.

According to writing experts, pupils produce high-quality writing after they have familiarised themselves with the language and structure in a similar writing piece. Therefore, we text-mapped an explanation text on how materials change state (using just icons and a few words).

Here is a sneak peak:

PS. Look out for our explanation texts on the water cycle!



What is your favourite book?


World Book Day was yesterday and in Year 5, we had an incredibly fun time exploring the book, ‘We are all born free’. In honour of World Book Day, I thought it would be nice to find out what everyone’s favourite book is.

I’ll get the ball rolling, for me it’s either ‘The Da Vinci Code’ or any book from the ‘Divergent Series’.

What is your favourite book? Comment below! (It could be anything, including your home reading books and books we’ve read in class.)

Hello everybody!

Year 5 have been exploring electricity in Science. We are very grateful at St Vincent’s and understand electricity is a luxury that many villages, towns and cities often have to live without. We decided to make some electricity of our own, by lighting up a light bulb and trying to understand the different variables, which affect the brightness of the light bulb.

Take a look at some of our pictures from the investigation. 🙂






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Young Voices 10/01/2018!


Year five were blessed with the opportunity to attend Young Voices (the world’s largest student-led concert) and it was AWESOME! We had been rehearsing since the very beginning of September.

Below are some pictures, as well as videos of us at the concert.

excited during rehearsals

Year 5, excited during rehearsals.

I'm a Rockstar

Awesome Miss. S being a rock star.


Can you spot our banner?



Year 5, jumping in excitement for the opening of the concert.


Year 5, singing and dancing to ‘We Could Be Heroes’, my personal favourite moment of Young Voices.

Please drop some kind comments. Year 5, what was your favourite part of the concert? Brownie points for anybody who uses parenthesis in their answer. 🙂