History Day

Year 5 have enjoyed a history day today based on the Vikings! The children have made Viking boats, research who they were and how they invaded and settled in the UK.

IMG_2341 IMG_2342 IMG_2344 IMG_2345 IMG_2346 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2355

4 thoughts on “History Day

  1. Hi my name is Anthony from St Charles,
    I really like your blog it looks really interesting I really like the hats , the boats look like they were fun to make too.

  2. Hi my name is Oscar from St Charles Borromeo Primary School.This looks like a cool idea for a day at school.Those boats that you were making looked very sturdy.At our school, sometimes we have days like that.Hope you had fun!

  3. Hi my name is Massimo from st Charles Borromeo and I really like vikings and i think the idea of viking day is pretty cool PS: love the hats and shields!!!!

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