More artwork

To help to make the reading corner more colourful, the children have been exploring materials to create space collages. They have turned out beautifully! The children will also use them to make their own CBeebies Bedtime Story at the end of this half term.


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Making puppets

We have learnt that when you want to make something you have to make a template first. We are making puppets that we designed on Monday.


The children drew around one hand and cut it out. They then pinned this to fabric to use as a template for their hand puppets. They worked out that they needed two parts the same to sew together for their puppet. They will be continued this week!



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Another letter!

Last week we received a letter in the middle of our handwriting lesson. We stopped everything to see who it was from. Grace sent us a letter to tell us more about herself. She knew that we had been reading about her. We are writing letters back to her.


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Winter theme day

What a day Key Stage 1 have had! We have spent the whole day exploring the season winter. To start off, we all sat in the hall holding a piece of ice. We had to try and carry it back to our classrooms without it melting. It was very tricky as our hands were warm so the ice became water and was dripping through our hands. Next we watched a video of a snowman buying a pair of gloves for a lady snowman to keep her hands warm. Then we found a block of ice in the sink. We could see that there was a letter in it! We tried to predict who the letter was from and what it could possibly say. Throughout the day we had to melt and smash the ice to get to the letter. We found out that it was from a school in Poland. They want to be our online friends, sharing work with us. In the letter they asked us what the weather is like in England in the winter. That is our task this half term. We need to learn all about our weather so that we can tell our Polish friends more.

During the rest of the day we made lots of winter themed artwork. Soon our Key Stage corridor will be transformed from an autumnal scene into a winter wonderland. We cannot wait!



Black History Week

This week St Vincent’s have been studying Black History week. The children have been learning about when people were used as slaves because of the colour of their skin. Year 1 have focused on a lady called Harriet Tubman. She was born into a family who were already held captive as slaves. She did many things in her life which the children have learnt about. She is remembered for her great bravery as she saved over 70 slaves by helping them flee to Pennsylvania. Year 1 learnt a hymn that they used to sing. Although it was written about Moses freeing the Israelites from the Pharoah, the slaves also used it to ask God to free them. All of the class’ hard work has been used to make a book. We have given our book to Year 2 so that they will also know all about Harriet Tubman and how brave she was!