The Dignity of the Human Person

Year 6 have learnt about Refugees and experienced a glimpse of the pressure that the decision-making, or lack thereof, brings.

War broke out in our country so we had to decide what essential items we wanted to carry. We wouldn’t be able to carry it all. The truck arrived before some of us managed to gather our belongings. It was too late! We couldn’t return for them.

The journey was horrific! A few of us lost our belongings because the truck driver was hurrying to safety. Amongst us, we decided that we ought to share with those who lost their belongings – so we did. The journey… some bruised. Some bled. Some just cried. It was overwhelming.

Whilst we were travelling up a steep mountain, the truck broke down. We had to walk the rest of the journey. Our bags were too heavy. So yet again, we had to lose another item… 


Be humble!


This week, the children led us to reflect upon how great God is. Understanding the story of The Tower of Babel, we learnt of how seeking to make a name for ourselves is not always acceptable in the sight of God. In RE, we have learnt about Cain and Abel whose story corroborate this point.

Whitemoor Lakes

What a fabulous time we had at Whitemoor Lakes! Year 6 conquered their fears and showed immense compassion and encouragement to each other. It was a wonderful experience.


Portals to the Past

What a phenomenal immersion day years 5 and 6 have had! We are currently reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and in History we are learning about World War II. Harry from Portals to the Past taught us about the countries which Germany invaded. We also learnt about various occurrences.

Look at the pictures and let us know what you learn.