World Book Day

Today we had fun dressing up as different book characters. Take a look at our fabulous costumes 🙂                    

Healthy Eating

This week the school nurse delivered a session about healthy eating. She helped us recognise the importance of making a healthy choice. We now know which snacks are healthy for us and which snacks are bad for us. We helped Sophia make a healthier choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We then had a go at sorting the different types of food into two categories i.e healthy/unhealthy.

” Sophia should choose the carrot sticks because they are healthier than the chocolate sticks”.

” Hot chocolate, crisps and cake are bad because they have a lot of sugar and sugar is very bad because it makes our teeth hurt”.

At the end of the day the children received a mini tooth paste and toothbrush.

” I love this”.


Adding two groups together
Ordering sticks according to their height.
” this one short, this is tall and this one is tallest”.


One more than a given number

Finding an answer to this sum: 12+2
Different ways to make a 5 ” 2+3=5; 4+1=5; 1+1+1+1+1=5 “.


writing numerals in order from 1-10


Making 2D Shapes
Sorting shapes












We have also been learning prepositional language such as in front of, next to, behind and in between.  ” The teddy is next to me”
” The teddy is behind me”
” The teddy is in front of me”



Measuring weight



Making predictions: Which item is heavier?


” book is heavier”
Sharing the biscuits ” it’s a fair share because Bango the dog has four biscuits and Horace also has four biscuits. They both have the same amount”.

The biscuits were shared out then a number story was created.

Reading and Writing in Reception Class

Matching captions to the correct picture
creating CVC words with carpet tiles


Writing sentences


Extending sentences by using adjectives


Building CVC words
matching words to the correct picture


We celebrate a variety of celebrations and cultural traditions.  Since the start of the academic year we have been busy learning about Diwali, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Chinese New Year and St Valentines day. Take a look at our work …

Rangoli Patterns: We used lentils, beans and coloured rice to create our own Rangoli patterns.
All about Diwali







” When it’s Chinese New Year people hang up decorations and they are usually red and gold”.
” For China’s New Year people have dragon dancing and music to celebrate new year”.
We watched a tutorial that showed us the steps to perfect a Chinese traditional dance.
” for new year people give red envelopes with money inside”.

We made valentines cards for our family members, friends and teachers.



Bedtime for Monsters

We have have been reading Bedtime for Monsters.

Sequencing the main events of the story



We made our very own monsters out of play dough and paper plates.














Den Building