Visit to Church

Today Year 2 visited the church to remind them what it is like. They looked at different parts of the church, including the confessional. We remembered that during Lent we try hard to reconcile with God by making good choices. Then we also practised how we behave in church.

Multi-Faith Week

Today Mr Jabbal visited us to talk all about his faith. This week we are learning about Sikhism. The children asked him lots of questions to learn more. I wonder what they will know by the end of the week.

Design Technology Practise

This half term, Year 2 are going to be learning how to sew and make a worry toy to give to young vulnerable people. Yesterday they learnt how to attach two pieces of fabric together using staples, glue and running stitches. Although the staples and glue were the easiest, I think they learnt that they aren’t the strongest, tidiest or safest methods to use.

Testing suitability of materials

In our class story, there is a Bluebird. If Bluebird laid an egg, which would be the most suitable material to wrap it in to protect it? Have a look at the photos to see what we found out from this experiment.


Sending Post to Characters in Our Class Story

Today Year 2 finished the instructions to help Anna and Crocodile. The class worked out that the map the characters had drawn in the story wasn’t clear enough to help them to find gold. As we have been learning about human dignity, we know that it is okay if someone needs a little bit of help and it is our job to help them. The children have written instructions to go with new maps they gave drawn. Hopefully their instructions will be clear enough to help Anna and Crocodile.

Thank you to Mrs Caines who is sending the packet in the post tonight!

Prayer Service to ask for Our Lady’s Intercession

In RE the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about the important people in Jesus’s life. We recognise how important Mary, his mother, was in his life. We know that we can pray to Mary to ask for her help and guidance by talking to Jesus. The Rosary is a special, long prayer that Mary gave to everyone to help them to focus their prayers. They practiced by saying a decade of the Rosary together.

Role on the Wall

Year 2 are loving exploring characters through Role on the Wall. The children write about a character in a story on a post it note and then decided whether they have written about the personality or what the character looks like. They stick the post it note on the inside if it is about their personality and on the outside if it is about what they look like.