Yesterday we came into the classroom and we found a new little friend. John the elf got all of our decorations ready for us to prepare in this season of advent.

Ordering numbers

Maths is even more fun when you’re allowed to write on the table! The children enjoyed ordering the numbers using numicon and then writing the numeral and word representation of the number on the table.

Top tip: Don’t forget to include a zero when ordering numbers.


In our design technology lessons we are learning about fruit salads still. On Wednesday, the children tried different things that you can have with a fruit salad to make it more fancy. Many of the children liked eating cheddar cheese with apple or banana dipped in to strawberry sauce.


I wonder what they will choose to serve with their fruit salads they make for their chosen guest.

Exploring the story of How to Find Gold

Today we have finished the story! We are now exploring the story though story-mapping; adding text to illustrations; building dangerous and difficult things for Anna and Crocodile and drawing illustrations that we remember from the story.

The children know the story so well that they can do all of this without looking at the book.

Advice for Anna and Crocodile who have found gold

”Wow!” said Anna, “Gold!”

”What shall we do with it?” said Crocodile.


Some children said that they should spend the gold so nobody knew that they had found it. After talking with their partner, the children thought that they could use the gold for good to help others but…should they touch it in the first place?

Rain gauges

We are learning about weather in key stage 1 . We have made rain gauges so that we can track the rainfall this week.


How much do you think it will rain?

Practicing Kitchen skills

The children loved practicing how to choice, chop, cut, thread and make shapes from the fruit today. They are going to be preparing a fruit salad to share with a family member very soon. Keep your ears open for a date!

Numicon number lines

Now that we are learning one more than and one less than, we are using numicon to create number lines. We now know that if we line the numbers up from smallest on the left and largest on the right, the numbers are going up by one more when going forwards and going down by one less when going backwards