Losing a sense-sight

We know quite a bit about our senses in Year 1 so today we thought about those who do not have the sense of sight. We quickly learnt that to respect someone’s dignity who cannot see we must ask if we can help them before putting our hands on them. We worked hard to play together and include everyone.

Do the tallest people have the biggest feet?

Year 1 planned and completed a science experiment today. They wanted to know if the people who are the tallest in the class have the biggest feet.


We loner everybody body up from tallest to shortest and then printed one foot and one hand print.


We we can see that most of the time, tall people have bigger feet and hands than someone who is smaller.


What a wonderful afternoon of scientific discovery.

Numbers 0-20

In maths this week we are working on numbers to 20. Today we matched number with the correct number of dots; counted how many items are in a suitcase; checked that we have enough spare PE kit; made numbers out of play dough and practised writing our numbers the correct way around.

The Creation Story

After hearing the Creation story today in R.E. some of us played with the animals God created while others explored outside; drew some beautiful plants and even created prayers of thanks to God for his world. 🙏

Parts of the body

This half ter, we are learning about the different parts of our bodies. We have a Drs Surgery in class where we pretend there is something wrong with us and the Dr makes us better again. We love to pretend to answer the phones and take a message for the dr.


We have also enjoyed drawing around each other and using post it notes to label our partners heads, shoulders, knees and toes 🎶😂


Today we used different tools and equipment to remind ourselves about numbers. We loved playing a game where our partner hides a number and we have to work out which one is missing.