Rock Climbing

Today the children went rock climbing at RedPoint Rock Climbing Centre. It and they were brilliant.

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Monster traps

The children in Year 3 and 4 think there may be some kind of monster lu king around school so the children started to plan how they could catch it. They made some prototypes in preparation.

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Exploding volcanoes!

At the end of last term we exploded our volcanoes which was great fun!

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Volcanoes – Day one!

Today the children in Year 3 have begun the process of building volcanoes using paper mache. It was mucky but great fun. The children enjoyed working in teams and being intentional in their behaviour towards each other.

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Middle Earth

Today in Year 3 we have been investigating what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. We usd an apple to see what the earth is like below!

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Ancient Greeks Day

On Friday the children enjoyed a whole day learning about the ancient Greeks. They really enjoyed being creative and learning about history.

IMG_5547 IMG_5558 IMG_5562 IMG_5565 IMG_5566

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Dental Hygiene Workshop

We have been enjoying a dental hygiene workshop.

IMG_5417 IMG_5418 IMG_5419 IMG_5420

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Environmental Campaigns

The children have been giving oral presentations about how we can save our local environment. They are improving on presenting and enjoyed making posters and working together.

IMG_5163 IMG_5170 IMG_5180 IMG_5188 IMG_5191 IMG_5199

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Mosque Visit

On Tuesday, Year 3 visited Birmingham Central Mosque. It was fantastic and so informative. We had our own experts with us which was brilliant to have. Our guide was fun and was able to answer all our questions.

IMG_5138 IMG_5141 IMG_5143 IMG_5158 IMG_5160

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Spanish Day in Year 3

In Year 3 as part of our Spanish language day we looked at the country of Mexico. Here are some of the activities that we go up to.IMG_5072 IMG_5073 IMG_5074 IMG_5079 IMG_5080 IMG_5092 IMG_5105 IMG_5106 IMG_5108

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