D&T – Moon Buggies

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We have been building our very own Moon Buggies.

We used saws to cut our wood down to size to first build our chassis, then added front and rear axels followed by wheels to allow it to roll forwards and backwards.

To make our Moon Buggies move by themselves we decided to add a battery for power, a motor and elastic band which attached to the front wheels.

We then showed off our Moon Buggies to the whole school during assembly.

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Our investigation – Eggsperiment

IMG_7962IMG_7925 IMG_7961

We have been looking at human teeth and looking at the effects that some of the drinks we consume have on our own teeth. We tested Coca Cola, Tea, Coffee, Fanta, Boost and Rubicon. We decided to use hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth and left each of our eggs submerged in each drink for  a week. The results showed different levels of colouring and decay on the egg shells and made us think twice about some of our drink choices.

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Feliz Navidad

Year 4 have created and designed Christmas cards for our Spanish friends. IMG_7872





IMG_7883 IMG_7884

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You may or may not know that Moon Man was captured when he landed on Earth because he did not look like anyone else. We created a court room setting to explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters at this time.

Moon Man is originally from the Moon but he travelled down to Earth to be with the humans. However, the humans have rejected him. What should he do next?

Here is a beautifully, independently written letter of persuasion regarding this young man’s opinion of what should happen next to Moon Man.

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Year 4’s Class Assembly

Related image

Looking at the life of Thomas Edison, we understand the power of belief.

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Quick Fire Questions

And who said you can't have fun during Maths?


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Thankful Thursday

During our Respect lesson, we discussed reasons why we are thankful for each other. As usual, it’s great to hear why others think we’re so amazing. Why not share your gratitude and appreciation of someone today.


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Multiplication and Division

Over the past few week, we have been learning how to multiply numbers. Some of us have used counters and Base 10 to help us visualise the addition in another way. Others have been using Base 10 to represent division and multiplication sentences.

How many counters are down below (in the first picture)? How many multiplication or division sentences can you make? Share below.

IMG_7818 IMG_7825.

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Drama in English

So, Moon Man was frustrated being in the moon by himself. He decided to travel down to Earth. The crash! The noise! Everybody rushed to see what had happened.

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Moon Man

After looking at the front cover of the book Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer, C wrote a beautiful story using some of the great features of writing which Year 4 have been learning.

A super effort!


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