Road Safety

Thank you to the school nurse who came in to teach us about road safety. IMG_9534 IMG_9550 IMG_9551

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Science Fayre

What an amazing morning we had at the Caritas Science Fayre. Our children taught other children what they had learnt about volcanoes and guided others through an experiment. They also took part in experiments with children from different school. We were also visited by a representative from Mad Science. IMG_9327 IMG_9398 IMG_9399 IMG_9400

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“I am standing at 7,4.”

“I am standing at 6,4.”

“I am standing at 9,2.”

“I am standing at 7,4.”

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Another day of fun.  



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Rock Climbing and Archery at Free@Last

“This was my first time rock climbing. It was amazing. The next time I go, I am aiming to get to the top.” Eghosa

 “Archery is about aim. It was really hard to aim but I tried. Rock climbing is enjoyable though it is harder than it looks.” Wail

“I enjoyed the day at Free@Last because I got to the top of the wall for the first time. I also scored 10 in archery.” Kayden   “It was fun and exciting.” Crystal  “I did archery for the first time and I became more confident at rock climbing.” Musa

“I enjoyed rock climbing and archery because when you do rock climbing, you have to use a lot of energy and you have to be mindful of what’s around you. I think it’s good for the body.” Britney


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Sports Inspired

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On Friday, Year 4 went to The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre. We had a day of developing our social skills and team building through various sports. We played: tennis, football, netball and learnt aikido. We also learnt about different food … Continue reading

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Monster Hunters

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Mr Lambert has found a monster footprint in the school. We have now become monster hunters. We are trying to figure out a way to trap this monster. We will use magnets to do this. Hopefully, we will catch the … Continue reading

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Look at the fabulous volcano projects which Year 4 have made with their parents. Well done and thank you.

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Last week we were identifying angles within the classroom.

“I can see a straight line angle and a right angle on this board.” Abigail



















“This is an obtuse angle because it is slightly larger than 90°.” Kayden


“I am standing in between an acute angle.” Aden

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It so happens that Year 4 have been learning about volcanoes this term. Seeing live footage in the news of the volcano in Hawaii has helped us understand the relevance of our learning.


We were given an independent project to build a volcano at home, with our families. The level of responses were great. Well done to all of the effort and pride taken in these projects. For those of us who didn’t get to make them at home, we also made volcanoes during our Theme lessons. This helped us with our team building skills also.

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