Animal Man

If you went into Year 2 at St Vincent’s this term you were sure to get a fright!

We’ve been learning all about animals that live in the African Savannah and Mo, the animal man brought in some animals and taught us all about their habitats and their food chains. We had a great time and some of us were brave enough to hold the animals!

IMG_3636 IMG_3653 IMG_3665 IMG_3679 IMG_3702 IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3737


Pumpkin Soup!

This half term we have been reading Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. In the story, three friends each have a job to do and they love to share a bowl of Pumpkin Soup at the end of each day so we thought that we’d share lots of different soups together in Year 2. It was a delicious afternoon.

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If you’ve been into Year 2 recently, you may notice something growing on our windowsill…

It’s our bean plants, of course!

We’ve been learning all about different fruits and vegetables and what plants need to grow and we’re successfully growing our own bean plants with a little bit of soil, some seeds, water and sunlight.

Here we are planting our seeds…

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Estimating Temperature

During our Maths lessons this week we have been learning all about temperature including what it means and how it affects us.

On Monday children brainstormed what they knew about temperature and we had some great responses including:

“Temperature is High or Low”                                                                       “degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit”                                         “Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something is”

Children were then given the opportunity to estimate the temperature of 3 cups of water – one cold, one warm and one hot. After they’d estimated the temperature they were given a thermometer to see how accurate their estimations were and these were recorded in a table which can be found in their Maths books.

Below you can see some picture of the children measuring the temperature of the water with their thermometers.

Estimate temperature 2 Estimate temperature 3 Estimate temperature 4 Estimate temperature 5 Estimate temperature 6 Estimate temperature

How we serve God

As part of our Lent plan we have been creating a fabric wall hanging which focuses on what the Lord wants from us and how we can best serve God. Children came up with a design for our class wall hanging and transformed this from paper to fabric and it looks AMAZING! See our photos below.

Y22Y21 Y23 Y25

Am I Odd or Even?

To help us warm our brains up on this early Monday morning we enjoyed a starter session that required us to identify whether numbers were odd or even and then explain our reasoning. We were each given a whiteboard and a pen and asked to pick any number between 1-100. Once we’d chosen our number, we discussed them with our partner and identified whether they were odd or even and then discussed and shared ideas about how we could work this out.

See our pictures below, we had great fun!Odd even 2 Odd even 3 Odd even 4 Odd even 5 Odd even 6 Odd even 7 Odd even 8 Odd even 9 Odd even 10 Odd even 11 Odd even 12 Odd even 13 Odd even 14 Oddeven 1

Pupil led prayer service

Today, in Year 2 we had our first pupil prayer service led by Omari with the help of Ethan and Maya. The children chose a prayer service around the theme of Lent and asked for purple cloth, a cross and some candles to be our focal point. We began by making the Lenten sign of the cross and the three children led us in our class prayer.

Following this, Omari read a small reading from The Way of the Cross. Children were given time to reflect upon what they had learned and a small pebble was passed around and children had the opportunity to respond to what they’d heard.

On behalf of Year 2 we’d like to thank Omari, Ethan and Maya for a beautiful prayer service. You’ve really modelled how to create a calm environment that offers us time to reflect.