Greater Than, Less Than

During our Maths lessons last week we learned all about Charlie Crocodile!

“Charlie Crocodile likes to eat the biggest number” Tendi

Children worked in pairs and had to create a number each using the Numicon apparatus. They discussed who’s number was greater and who’s number was smaller. Children then inserted the correct symbol to make the Maths statement correct.

Adrian, Sidem “Adrian has 14 and so do I” – Sidem

“14 is equal to 14” – Adrian and Sidem

Cheidel, Arooj “My number is greater” – Cheidel

” 10 is less than 14″ – Arooj and Cheidel

Corwyn, Naomi

“19 is bigger than 7” – Naomi and Corwyn

Danayi, Ihsan

“20 is less than 23” -Danayi and Ihsan

Hermon, Mohammed Rahim

“5 is equal to 5” – Hermon and Mohammed Rahim

“23 is less than 27” – Malaika and Tendi

Sarah, Rebecca

“17 is more than 8” Sarah and Rebecca

Taym, Sebastian

“9 is less than 15” – Taym and Sebastian

Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations

During this lesson, children had to identify, represent and estimate numbers using a number line.

Hermon, Glevene, Sebastian, Naomi and Mohammed Rahim were given numbers on a post-it note. They were asked to stand at the front and read their numbers out.

“I have 22” Hermon

“I have 15” Glevene

“I have 19” Sebastian

“I have 17” Naomi

“I have 21” Mohammed Rahim

Once children had read out their number they were asked to put themselves in the correct order, starting with the smallest number.

After that, children had to go and estimate where their number should sit on the number line.

1 2 3


We’ve been enjoying a new book in Year 2, How to find gold by Vivianne Schwarz.

Our story sees Anna and Crocodile take on an exciting adventure together to find gold. We’re trying to help them in Year 2 so we’re learning all about algorithms.

Algorithms are  step-by-step – Natanem

Algortihms are step-by-step instructions – Danayi

We’ve been programming a Bee-Bot with step-by-step instructions to find the treasure on the map. Now that we’ve done that, we can send Anna and Crocodile an algorithm to help them find the gold!

IMG_3977 IMG_3973 IMG_3962 IMG_3960 IMG_3957 IMG_3948 IMG_3947 IMG_3946 IMG_3944 IMG_3939 IMG_3935


For our paths lesson today we had to choose a pupil of the day.

Jaden’s name was pulled from the hat and we found it very easy to offer compliments to such a popular member of our class.

After hearing what everyone had to say, Jaden replied:

“I feel incredibly important and proud, thanks” 

Paths pupil of the day - compliments

Year 2 Stay and read

On Tuesday mornings, we welcome all of our parents and families to join us for Year 2’s stay and read.

Parents and families are encouraged to come in for fifteen minutes to enjoy sharing their favourite stories with their children.

Image result for dr seuss read with children quote

It’s quite unusual for our children to see their parents in the classroom too but we think that they’re enjoying it:

“I like to show my Mom where I sit and do my work” – Taym

“My little sister comes in to hear me read too!” – Arooj

Thank you to all of the parents who have joined us and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2008 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2014 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2021

Numbers to 100

In Year 2, we’re learning to read and write numbers to 100.

On Tuesday morning, we really enjoyed our starter challenge! We were given numerals on the board that we had to practise writing in words and then we even beat the trick questions where the words were presented on the board and we had to write the number.

See our super efforts below:

IMG_2032 IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2036 IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041

Paul Klee

For our artist study this year, we have been studying  Paul Klee’s ‘Castle in the sun’. 

castle in the sun

First, we discussed what we liked and disliked about his picture.

“I like that he has used the shapes I know from my Maths lessons” – Sebastian

“I like that he has used lots of red because red is my favourite colour” – Danayi

After this, some children practised cutting shapes out from card, others painted and some made shapes using gummed paper.

See some of our fantastic art work below.

Buzz Donald 2 Donald Eeyore Mickey Pluto 2 Pluto